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Mortgage Magnates Announces French Version of Popular Streaming Platform in 2020

For Immediate Release

December 10th, 2019

Toronto, OnMortgage Magnates the “Netflix for Mortgage Brokers” is pleased to announce today that by mid 2020 it’s entire platform will be translated into french and it will include a separate french platform for it’s French first language broker members.

“In my short time here the feedback has been outstanding and the concept of Mortgage Magnates received very well. One piece of feedback I have received over and over however, was from our francophone mortgage broker partners. They have expressed that the videos and content need to be available in french as well. I am so excited that we have heard their requests and put the wheels in motion for a full translation in 2020” says Chris Baker, President and CEO of Mortgage Magnates.

The process has already begun with the securing of a french version of the web address and the conversion of the platform already under way. The final and largest step will be to have each video of top producing mortgage brokers delivering their best practices, voiced over in French.

“We looked at subtitles as an option but believe the best course of action is to provide this incredible content in full french with francophone voice over, to ensure our french first language clients get the same learning experience our English brokers have come to find so helpful in growing their businesses” Baker says.

The target date for a fully completed french option including all videos in the content library is September 1, 2020, with an early release group of select brokers planned to begin June 1st, 2020 for testing and feedback purposes.

Brokers who wish to be involved in the early release group please contact us before April 1, 2020 at contact@mortgagemagnates.com.

Mortgage Magnates is a streaming platform designed exclusively for mortgage professionals. It fills the void of sales training and business growth training for existing brokers in the industry and relieves the burden of broker owners having to train new agents how to get clients as well by taking care of that training at an extremely low cost. With constantly evolving video content added every month, much like Netflix, the videos feature top producing mortgage brokers across the industry sharing how they attract and close mortgage clients, manage their businesses, market themselves, and so much more. For just $13.99 per month brokers are learning, developing and performing in a whole new way thank to Mortgage Magnates. You can join at http://mortgagemagnates.com

For any questions related to this release or Mortgage Magnates in general please contact us at contact@mortgagemagnates.com

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