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Mortgage Broker Learning: The Game has Changed

It was one day while sitting in a broker office, the broker was chatting away with me with something playing on his monitor beside him, and one ear bud in his ear. We chatted for a bit when I stopped to ask him:

“Did you need to focus on that? I don’t want to take up your time here?”

He responded, “no, just another 2 hour head office webinar”.

“Isn’t that important then?” I asked.

“It would be if these guys even knew what we face in a day. These webinars are filled with stuff from people who have never sold a mortgage in their lives or in a very long time. Sales gurus and head office types that think they know what it’s like out here. So I have to sit here for two hours while I could be out there selling and building a business. But you know the game, show your face so you don’t miss any opportunity to travel on the next broker trip” he laughs.

That conversation bothered me a lot. Lost sales time, training that may or may not work and just saving face while not even focusing on what could be said on that call to change your life and business. So many problems with what I just witnessed, but no solution.

A year or two go by as a BDM and I see this same thing happening over and over. Webinars joined, just to join them, or worse, agents not even invited to these webinars because they were not “broker owners”. It’s not the head offices fault, there are reasons to have broker owners and they are trusting in them to disseminate information, but let’s face facts: Most of those owners told me, they don’t have time in a day to do that.

We seemed to be stuck in this: “We’ve always done it this way” mentality.

I couldn’t help but think, you are getting information, maybe too long, but likely good info, even from sales gurus but you are not trickling it down to those newer or even veteran agents to help them build their businesses due to time. This system seems broken and no one is willing to admit it or do anything about it and brokers and agents were lacking desperately needed support.

Don’t get me wrong, there are some amazing programs out there to help, three and four day programs, development meetings you can attend, and other great options. Trust me, they are good options. But what one or two industry people say does not universal success make. What of the in between? What of the prohibitive cost to the new broker or the agent who has done it a while but needs to get to that next level? $800+ is just not in the cards for many of these commission based warriors.

More thinking…

Then came opportunity to change the game.

Last fall, I got the chance to take the full time lead at a small upstart training company for mortgage brokers that had all the right ideas but was just missing the execution.

What if we could take a model that we know works and people around the world already know how to use in streaming services like Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu, Crave and others and build one of these services just for mortgage professionals?

We sat there asking the what ifs…what if we don’t need a learning management system style program at all? What if we change the learning game?

The first step was not the platform at all, it was to make sure we were giving information that had tangible real world value to the members that would sign up for this new idea. Where would we get top sales tips that actually work?

Oh right, from the top producing brokers already doing it! No sales gurus, no talking heads, actual top brokers sharing actual things that worked for them.

Next step, some rules of engagement.

The next biggest problem was to solve the time commitment. Nobody has time for 2 hour modules anymore.

So the next rule…the best tips and best practices, on 4K video, of real, successful brokers, but no more than 15 minutes in length. Our members needed to get the tip that works and get out and use it right away.

Lastly, who will agree to appear?

We started reaching out to brokers and agents we knew were the “magnates” of the industry, the people kicking ass at what they do and with tremendous information to share with other brokers.

We said we would come to them, film them, pay them per view of their content and they would also get the satisfaction of knowing that they may be helping the broker or agent in Sudbury with less access to training or their peers, the broker that feels like they are on their own out there, who feels thrown to the wolves. The response was tremendous and we have filming days booked throughout the first quarter of 2020 which means, we will be loaded with new content for months to come.

It’s true what they say, if you build it, they will come. Mortgage Magnates was born.

A brand shift, a platform reimagining and incredible industry partners both asking, what the heck is this thing? With a side of, how can I be a part of this?

Mortgage Magnates succeeds in it’s simplicity and it’s cost.

We had the model, the brokers, the filming dates set. But how do we make this incredible, invaluable information and training financially available to the entire broker community?

The answer also resided in the world of streaming platforms. Cheap, unlimited access, new monthly content and activities they can use, that cost less than 50 cents per day. Enter the birth of the $13.99 per month pricing plan with no contract.

It’s Netflix for mortgage brokers, by mortgage brokers. It’s different, it’s consumable on any device, from anywhere, even the clients driveway just before you go in. It’s got training from industry magnates actually doing it and doing it successfully. At its core, it is brokers helping brokers.

That became the slogan: Brokers. Helping. Brokers.

Since its humble beginning of just months ago, membership has grown 546%.

Mortgage Magnates, Google status is rising quickly, with reviews all netting 5 stars.

There is now a podcast, broadcast weekly on all of the major networks including Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Anchor.fm, essentially, wherever you get your favourite podcasts. Simply named Mortgage Magnates – The Podcast, it has has already had guests from Finmo, 100 Brokers Who Care, a real life Elf on the Shelf and more on the way.

Simply put, Mortgage Magnates is changing the game in sales and business development training in this industry. Want a look at one of the modules on the platform for free? Watch this:

“Growing up I just wanted to be ok and I wanted to be safe. I didn’t know that I could dream big, I didn’t know that I should dream big. Now that I have made it, I just want to develop an opportunity for other people to be safe and that is what the Community Mortgage Movement is all about”

Join Mortgage Magnates today and get unlimited access to endless content that will help grow your mortgage practice to new heights by clicking here.

Brokers. Helping. Brokers

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