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Mortgage Magnates is Proud to Partner with Mortgage Professionals Canada

February 19, 2020

Ontario, Canada

Mortgage Magnates and M|M University are extremely excited
to announce a formal partnership with Mortgage Professionals Canada (MPC) to bring more sales,
marketing, business development and business growth best practices to mortgage
brokers and agents across Canada.

As Canada’s leading advocate for the mortgage industry and a
premiere provider of licensing training across Canada, Mortgage Professionals
Canada is the ideal partner for Mortgage Magnates.

A “Netflix” for mortgage brokers, Mortgage Magnates is revolutionizing sales, marketing, business development and business management training for brokers and agents, by tossing out the traditional learning management system, with hour+ long modules and instead, introducing a streaming service that delivers new video content monthly. All content is specifically for mortgage brokers, by mortgage brokers, in a “burst training” format.  This means, most content will not exceed 15 minutes in length.

“The burst training format allows our members to log in from anywhere in the morning, sip their coffee or tea, watch a 15 minute video on client attraction, and be out using those skills to grow their own mortgage practice within minutes” says Chris Baker, President and CEO of Mortgage Magnates.

M|M University’s slogan is “Brokers. Helping. Brokers.” It is a strictly adhered to thought process and is based on the idea of a wide array of mortgage brokers sharing ideas and best practices that work for growing their business. M|M steers away from a single teacher or instructor format. The platform also contains no “outside” sales gurus who have never sold a mortgage before. A fact that makes MPC a valued partner.

“MPC is the perfect partner for Mortgage Magnates” says Baker. “MPC’s advocacy for the betterment not only of the mortgage industry but the Canadian consumer when it comes to mortgage and home financing and consumers rights and choices, is an incredible undertaking and one we fully support”. 

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Mortgage Magnates to bring our members additional sales training and practical content that complement our existing educational programs.” says Cara Shulman, Vice President, Membership and Events at Mortgage Professionals Canada.

Priced at $13.99 per month, MPC members save 25% on the monthly membership fee. This is just another way Mortgage Professionals Canada – MPC – is finding ways for its members to access more resources to grow their business.

To take advantage of this discount. MPC members can visit https://mortgagemagnates.com/mortgage-professionals-canada-member/

For any questions related to this announcement or Mortgage Magnates, inquiries can be directed to chris.baker@mortgagemagnates.com and for questions related to Mortgage Professionals Canada please contact Cara Shulman at cshulman@mortgageproscan.ca

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