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Mortgage Magnates Launches Exclusive Social Network for Mortgage Brokers

Ontario, Canada

March 20th 2020

Mortgage Magnates today announced its launch of M|M Campus, an exclusive social network for Mortgage Brokers. The platform launches officially at midnight Monday.

The social platform is built within its streaming network called M|M University, where brokers can stream videos of fellow top brokers across Canada sharing their ideas and best practices that launched their success.

“The platform endeavours to give brokers a closed space where they can message each other, friend each other, set up and operate Mastermind Groups, share tools they have created with other brokers in the Broker Marketplace and so much more” says Mortgage Magnates Ltd’s President and CEO Chris Baker.

The platform also houses two revolutionary new news feeds fed by BDM’s and other industry partners called VirtualBDM and LendGPS respectively.

VirtualBDM is a way for Business Development Managers to quickly update brokers on products, rates and best practices. VirtualBDM will automatically deliver this information into the personal news feed of brokers.

LendGPS is a constantly evolving feed of lending area updates from lenders. As lenders start or stop lending in small centres and other areas, LendGPS will alert brokers to that information automatically.

“This platform is truly a huge next step in our Brokers. Helping. Brokers. mantra” says Baker. “We are very excited about what this offers brokers in addition to the amazing streaming videos we have online which have been seamlessly integrated into the M|M Campus offering.”

When asked why a broker wouldn’t just use groups on Facebook, LinkedIn and other areas, Baker posits “Mortgage Magnates centralizes everything and cuts out the noise of the other happenings of social media. It allows for brokers to zero in on what they do best and work with each other to get better every day and participate in lifelong learning at the same time. In one single platform you can learn hours of content, interact with hundreds of industry friends and colleagues, start mastermind groups, chat with your BDM, know if a lender is lending in your town and so much more. All of this can happen without having to leave the platform. It’s all in one and focused on our industry”.

What is the cost of such an elaborate new platform?

“We aren’t charging a dime more than your regular monthly membership which is still less than the cost of Netflix and just pennies a day. Especially if you are a member of our newest partner and industry leader, Mortgage Professionals Canada. MPC members get 25% off of their membership for as long at they are a member of MPC. This is simply an added benefit(s) for our members to aid in brokers helping brokers”.

“This new platform is a game changer for the industry”.

To sign up for Mortgage Magnates, visit https://mortgagemagnates.com

M|M Campus goes live Monday March 24th at 12:00AM

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