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Mortgage Brokers: Stop and Take a Breather




If there is anything we have learned in this strange new reality, it is this: Your health is at risk. Not just your physical health, your mental health.

Mortgage brokers across Canada are doing yeoman’s work. BDM’s exhaustively responding to their inquiries and lenders and other industry professionals are scrambling to deal with broker inquiries while bombarded on their own phone systems by everyone from millionaire executives (executives, please stop this) to Canadians actually in need, trying to defer mortgage payments.

Oh yes, we are all working from home and that fixes it right?

Not even close.

Now, not only do you have your broker practice to worry about, you have kids in week 2 of no learning, tugging at your pj’s telling you they’re bored. You have pets now obsessed with getting 4 walks a day, sitting, staring at you at the front door. This is all on top of the 68 voice mails from scared clients, 350 emails, 942 social media stories about the same Donald Trump tweet, 48 Zoom call ideas from head offices just trying to help, and 450 other people (including us) telling you how to deal with all of this.

There will be a breaking point. You need to stop.

Start with outside. Get outside. Carve out a time for quiet, for you, for your mental health, outside, but far away from other people. Leave your phone at home, leave your pet at home, leave the kids with bikes at home (if you can and they are of age or there is another caregiver available) and walk, and breathe, and focus on a moment for you.

This is not conjecture, this is fact. Stress more than any virus, kills.

Stop watching online press conferences, stop searching COVID-19 hashtags, stop pulling yourself in every damn direction and take a moment to just stop. Because here is a news flash for you…be ready…this is breaking news…

You matter too.

We all need to be laser focused on coming out of this better than when we came in as we said in our latest podcast. We need to see mental health and taking a moment as one way of doing that.

We see our members pulling all nighters and ungodly early mornings, and everyone and their brother posting every ounce of movement the BOC makes. But what we don’t see is this:

“Took an hour long walk today…can’t believe what’s coming up in our garden already”

“Went outside and just closed my eyes and thought about gratitude and being thankful for all we have”

“Took some time for me today. Finished a book, took a bath, built a bird house.”

You need this. You matter. So take it from us, it’s time to carve out time. 1-2 hours per day, just for you. Your post pandemic self, your clients and your family will thank you for it.

Wishing you restful moments, excellent mental and physical health and a quiet moment for you, starting today.

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