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Mortgage Brokers: Be in the Business of People – 8 Ways to Do That

Clients are exhausted, stressed and sick of hearing about COVID-19. Most people we talk to say they are only paying attention to the news to ensure they are aware of any new developments and measures being taken to flatten the curve but if they had a choice, they wouldn’t want to hear another word about Corona Virus.

Mortgage Brokers: This is your chance to be a difference maker. No, we didn’t say profit taker, we said difference maker. Be in the business of people right now and not commission based sales.

We are in uncharted territory but that territory is loaded with non-stop Corona Virus news, thoughts and messaging. Let’s flatten that curve too.

We notice in our social media following, a few brokers who are taking a different approach and the interaction and relief we are seeing in comments from their clients and contacts is unmistakable. We spoke to some of them and here are their rules of engagement with their client database:

  1. Yes you have to share your CEO’s canned COVID-19 message, but just once. Clients need to know your corporate approach but one time and that’s it. If they need to find it or have interest in it, they can scroll through your timeline and find it.
  2. Share nothing but good – I share, getting your yard ready for spring, how to clean gutters, what DIY projects will be both fun and increase the value of your home. I am not filling my clients minds with any more Corona Virus worry.
  3. I have been sharing education tips and ideas for kids while they are off. For me life lessons can be taught in times like these so I am sharing how to teach teenagers to put up outdoor items, change light bulbs, do a little woodworking. If you don’t want to home school, why not life school right now?
  4. I check in regularly with my clients. I just pick 10 clients every morning and pick up the phone. They are all home. We just chat about life and work, how they are doing, how the kids are. I barely if ever mention the Pandemic, they have heard enough.
  5. I’ll tell you, it’s helping me as much as it helps them. I watched your video by James Loewen about just getting to know their (the clients)lives and it really shifted not only my thinking about how I interact with clients but also my own mental health during this time. By just shooting the sh*t with them I learned so much. Plus in the end it will definitely lead to more business. But right now that is not what it’s about.
  6. For me it’s sharing recipes for drinks and food. I fancy myself a bit of a foodie and I am using that to brighten the lives of my clients. If we are talking about deferrals it’s usually how to defer my first adult beverage of the day to a respectable hour (she laughs). Clients love it, it gives them ideas and we just relate better.
  7. I am running a colouring contest for my clients kids. They can win things like iTunes gift cards and other gifts they would love. Each week we do something new with a new prize and we are all having so much fun with it! Kids are so creative!
  8. I am running small webinars for kids on how to start a business. I think anyone over 16 has a real opportunity to explore their future right now and the potential for starting their own business. I just talk about strategies, what it’s like and what to expect including expecting and dealing with early struggles. So far my little group is motivated and has great ideas. Even if they don’t do anything now, I like to think we are planting some great seeds.

The list goes on, from spring craft ideas, to planning your post pandemic vacations to bringing in insurance and investment advisors, there is so much you can do for your clients that will cement long lasting and profitable (mentally) relationships without it being about profit in terms of money. The funny thing is, in the end, these bonds these brokers are making will probably all lead to income and client growth when the world returns to normal as well.

The point? Now is the time to be in the business of people.

Share on your M|M Campus account the interactions you are having with clients so we can all learn and grow! If you don’t have an M|M University account yet, sign up now at mortgagemagnates.com

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