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Don’t Believe in Lifelong Learning Yet? You are Being Schooled Right Now

Above all else we are a lifelong learning service. Our goal, mantra and overall way of life at Mortgage Magnates is lifelong learning. Our slogan? Brokers. Helping. Brokers. NOT profits on top of profits.


Because we believe that lifelong learning and bettering yourself is a much more sustainable way of life and business than thinking about profits. It’s why we are lower than the cost of Netflix. It’s not and never will be about the money. What it is about though, is providing success for others through lifelong learning and in our case in particular for mortgage brokers, who for years have lacked sales, marketing and business development and advice giving formal training.

Don’t get us wrong, there are lots of one to two person operations out there who provide great perspective and training, and that is a fantastic start, but the reality is, if you are not learning from the many and only from the few then you are missing strategies and skills from all corners of this great industry that could exponentially aid in your meteoric rise to the top of your game.

When I think of an example of this I think of Michael Brooks’ video on small town selling advice. He is from a smaller centre himself, so he my friends, is the horses mouth you should be listening too. Or Andrew Young on philanthropy, the man own a foundation of his own. Did you know about that or how to do that? Did the one person you got all of your training from teach you how to do that? Exactly. We can all learn, from everyone and that is why we are here, to enable that environment, for you.

Still don’t believe in lifelong learning? You are doing it right this very moment.

Think about it, in world tragedies of old we were used to the authorities being the “heroes” that save us all….police, fire, military. But what we are learning is, the heroes are the one’s who step up in time of need no matter their walk in life.

In this tragedy, the heroes are the health care workers, the grocery shelf stocker, the cashier willing to work while a serious virus goes around, the essential service worker who goes home, doesn’t hug their kids or spouse because they were out all day, instead self isolates and then returns to work the next day to help you fill your tank with gas, make emergency repairs to your home, the list goes on and on.

You are learning that you, yourself can be a hero just by self isolating and sparing someone’s loved one, or maybe your own, the potential devastating costs of this virus.

See lifelong learning happens everywhere, at all times. If you accept it. Change is constant so learning must be too. No one could have predicted this, but some of the greatest minds who concentrate on constantly learning were able to pivot quickly and provide insight and guidance (think Bill Gates and Elon Musk who have been able to comment and help quickly in this time of need) versus those (one being the so called leader of the free world) who refused to learn, refused to accept change and refused to move in lock step with that change. Now here they sit, naysaying and faltering at every turn in this drastically converse environment to that which they are used to.

Do yourselves a favour. Open up your eyes to learning. Not necessarily book learning only but all kinds of learning. Learn from the many and not the few, learn from your neighbours, from situations, from outcomes, from predictions and from advice.

Circumstance is only born from the refusal to always be learning. But if life comes as a result of gratitude, positivity and learning, then it is no longer circumstance but instead a destination of your creation.

Stay learning my friends.


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