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Breaking News: Newer Mortgage Agents Will Be Ok

First I want to thank Mortgage Magnates for this opportunity to share my thoughts. While I have asked to remain anonymous in these thoughts because it is not about praise and conversely, I am not interested in a debate with any of the industry curmudgeons on this, I want to be very clear.

New Mortgage Professionals…you are going to be ok!

This industry is rife with negativity from all corners of the country and I get it, hearing that kind of nonsense can be frustrating. This is their way of dealing with their own fears during this pandemic and in no way based in fact. Don’t get me wrong, these are the folks who in their own right have experienced incredible career success and accolades, so at first blush, they appear as though they must be right. But don’t worry, they are not.

There is a great video on M|M University by Paul Grewal that speaks exactly to this point. If you haven’t seen it, watch it and then watch it again. Paul’s progressive opinion is likely the correct one in all of the fog that has been created over whether people should enter or stay in this business.

He talks about market share and how brokers have survived incredible strife and huge economic downturns only to absolutely thrive in the end. Do you have to pivot? Yes you do. There-in lies the rub my friends.

The people you are hearing the negative from are the ones who don’t want to pivot, they want the good ol’ days back and they know they are not coming back. The truth is the good ol’ days are going to give way to the good new days and yes they are going to be different but for the right agents and the ones who accept and pivot, thriving will not be difficult. If you wake up loving what you do and have the attitude you need for success, thriving will never be difficult.

I spoke to one of my newer agents just yesterday who told me she doesn’t listen to any of the negative, she hasn’t got time with all of the social media marketing videos and posts she is preparing, all of the talking she is doing with her friends and family about their home ownership and future and how much research she is doing to stay on top of where this is all going.

I was overjoyed to hear her perspective and positivity. There was a podcast on here a few weeks back that stated “no one has been through this before, so anyone saying ‘it is over for you, just move on’ is full of BS because they have never been through this either”. No truer words could have been spoken.

So next time you are told or start thinking this was a big mistake and this industry isn’t for you, remember, if you commit to engaging, learning and growing, you will always be on top of today and ready for tomorrow and never concerned with yesterday. Use industry resources like this one. Ask your broker owners or colleagues for coaching, stay in front of your clients, not behind. Be a lead measure and proactively contact clients as a check in and don’t be a lag measure and sit there waiting for their questions or their business. Go get it.

You are going to be ok, if you believe and you execute.

Stay with it my friends. Here’s to many years to come, and many cheers to come together in the future. Now go flourish and we’ll raise a glass and celebrate you at the next conference.

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