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Mortgage Professionals: Time to Show What You’ve Got

The times we live in are strange. The world is in a state of chaos like never before with Corona Virus and the very important/long overdue race conversations happening. Their is uncertainty about employment and the future of the economy and I am sure as you read this, your own uncertainty about delivering the mortgage advice your clients have come to expect from you when you still may not be able to open your office doors depending on where you are.

This isn’t your father or mother’s 2008 folks.

All of this said, this is once again and perhaps the biggest in history, opportunity for transformation.

Think about this. You have always been taught the way to do something in this business. 100 calls a day, 30-40 contacts per day, 5-10 appointments set, see 2-5 people, close 1-3 of them. Then came social media, texting, hashtags, Facetime, Whats App, Google and Facebook reviews and that all started to change the way we drove business into our pipelines. But there was a prescription for it. A way to do it right. But now, now that is all out the window.

There are two ways to look at it. ‘All the ways I knew how to develop business are gone’….or….’everything is back on the table, absolutely everything’.

See the fact is, no one; not the superstar mortgage pro from 2006, not the newbie who Tik Toks his way to sales, not the mostly retired veteran mortgage pro who lives off old trailers and the 40 year amortizations of yesteryear, knows the exact right way to earn business moving forward.

This creates a blank slate like we have never seen before. We can look at it as not knowing where we are going, or we can look at it is creating where we are going. We flourish as humans when we are allowed to create.

Jack Canfield, a speaker on Mortgage Magnates and author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series and the Success Principles books once said:

“If you think of yourself driving at night, your headlights illuminate about 200 feet in front of you and that’s all you can see. But if you just trust that 200 feet and keep going, you can get from the Atlantic Ocean, across the continent to the Pacific Ocean, just seeing 200 feet at a time. Life is like that, focus on being your best 200 feet at a time and you will always reach your end goal”

The best way we can do this is to learn from each other. I can guarantee you that no one colleague, executive or fellow mortgage professional can guide you all the way across your continent of goals. But hundreds can. The hundreds of us. All of us, sharing.

This is the entire principle of Mortgage Magnates and M|M University for a reason. Research shows, it is the single best way to learn. That is, committing to lifelong learning, from everyone.

James Loewen, a featured broker on Mortgage Magnates says: “You should always be sharpening your axe. Even if you think you do don’t need to because your axe always worked fine before, you likely aren’t noticing that the more you use it without sharpening it, the slower chopping down those trees becomes, and the longer it takes. While those around you, who are constantly sharpening their axe (lifelong learning), begin to chop trees faster and more efficiently than you do, and you are eventually just left holding a dull axe watching others thrive”

Now more than ever this holds true. In times of uncertainty, those that have always thrived and won are those with a commitment to learning and growth, stepping outside of their comfort zones and trying new things. But above all, they never, ever stop learning. They never ever become complacent or believe that they know the best ways of doing things. Intrinsically they know, the best way of doing something today has a 99% chance of not working as efficiently 10 years from now, so we must always be learning and always be growing.

You aren’t in a time where we will see a contracting of our industry. Only you can make it contract by giving up in the face of change. Make this time about you, your business, your clients, transformation and growth. Be the creator of tomorrow’s mortgage business, not the complainer about it.

Get your learn on mortgage pro’s! There has never been a better time!


Chris Baker is CEO of Mortgage Magnates Ltd, a lifelong learning and streaming platform for North American Mortgage Professionals. To Reach Chris for further comment or to address any questions; start a discussion by sending an email to chris.baker@mortgagemagnates.com

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