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Mortgage Professionals: Your Sea of Insurer Update Posts is Nauseating – Try this!

You want to know how I know that the CMHC in Canada made a big update that wasn’t received well? Or that Genworth and Canada Guaranty didn’t follow suit in their policy changes? Because every single mortgage professional posted exactly the same thing and are still posting the same thing some 3 days later…talk about redundant.

In fact, ask me which of you posted about it? I couldn’t even name you specifically because there was so much of it, names of mortgage pro’s just didn’t stand out, literally…at all.

When you post the same message as the other mortgage professionals in someone’s timeline, and trust me, customers don’t just follow you in the mortgage pro space, they will simply scroll on by you.

Yep, they will miss your fancy overlay on a house picture and most certainly will miss your remarks on the issue. It’s time to break from the pack.

If you are an American member of M|M University or reader of this article this goes for you too. This is a North American issue of epic proportions…everyone saying the same darn thing.

You don’t see Rogers, Verizon, Bell or Virgin Mobile posting every time a telecommunications regulator forces something on them do you? Nope, because they all know something key here…’she or he who pivots fastest, wins the business’.

Granted, their marketing teams are larger than yours, but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know how to pivot and not just comment on regulation.

Get this…your clients don’t care about the insurer changes, they care what you can do for them. Always and forever, without exception. When you go to redundant messaging strategies and steer away from the messaging that no matter the environment, you can help them, then you bore them! Your post on CMHC or NMLS or any other regulator or mass policy maker is like watching paint dry.

Read the new policy for yourself, know the changes, that’s your job, and then pivot, pivot, pivot.

Focus on what you CAN still do and promote that! Promote the advice you give and how you differentiate yourself from your peers. If you feel you simply must post about these changes, do so with a story. Give an example of a scenario it applies to, like the first time home buyer for example.

Social fatigue is a very real phenomenon and our latest research is telling us it is piling up quickly in this pandemic, where many are growing tired of social networks and mundane content is the first type of post taking a backseat.

If you are to earn business going forward, what we call “generic sameism” will be a business killer. Saying what others say in the exact same way others say it, is going to be death knell to your business.

The best news is, your differentiation can start right now. Social media has a short memory and you can stem or even turn the tide of your “generic sameism” into dynamic and engaging posts that ignite client interest.

Next week Alec Hanson’s free premiere event sheds even more light on this subject and on what he is trying to teach mortgage professionals all over North America. You’ll be able to watch it for FREE here starting June 15th so bookmark the page.

He emphasizes and so too does Veronica Love in her giving back video, that customers do not care if your passion is not exactly matched to their passion or the cause you give back to is not necessarily the cause they align with. What they care about is that you care at all and that you have passion, just like them.

Meeting customers where they are does not mean copying customers and what they do. It means meet their level of passion, their level of care and support for your local community, their level of understanding and post about that. Copying other mortgage professionals posts about bank rate changes or borrowing rules only invites comments from other mortgage professionals. You want clients engaging don’t you?

Posting about the regulator changes is like posting a picture of the long line at Costco…we get it…NEXT.

Why not post about an experience in line, something positive or something that made the line worth it. It will get triple the engagement and still touches on the lengthy line. The difference is, your post is the one they viewed and engaged with.

Give advice, tell a story, strike an emotional chord and stand out from the pack when a change like those made this week occur. You’ll be shocked, not only on how your engagement and business grow, but also how great it feels to know people are paying attention and that your advice is helping your target market.

Go forth and be different. We’re standing here right outside your comfort zone with a (virtual) high five waiting for you.

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