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Mortgage Magnates to Host Panel on Race within the Mortgage Professional Industry

July 13th, 2020

Given the latest public discussions around race, inequality and diversity, bringing to light important issues that have needed to be addressed for many years; Mortgage Magnates has elected to use it’s streaming platform as a mode of contributing to this important need for change.

“These are challenging times that require discussion, deep thought and reflection on the past, present and creating change for the future” says Chris Baker, President and CEO of Mortgage Magnates.

“As an industry we have done well as it pertains to diversity, inclusion and attracting people of all backgrounds to this great career. But a lot more can be done. This includes giving a voice to those who either experienced racism and discrimination or have seen it in their day to day life. We have a responsibility as a lifelong learning and film and video platform to do what we can in furthering the conversation, awareness and to promote change where needed” Baker says.

The panel will be filmed July 14th and will be under the M|M University Fireside Chat banner. Hosted by Reaza Ali of Fisgard Asset Management, the panel is set to include: Christa Devers-Williams of COMFE Mortgages and TMG The Mortgage Group, Tannis Babber of DUCA Financial Services and Mark Hart of NCompass Financial.

“This panel represents some of the best minds and leaders in the mortgage industry and will make for thoughtful and impactful discussion. I am thrilled and very grateful that Christa, Mark and Tannis have agreed to participate and that Reaza Ali returns to Mortgage Magnates to host” says Baker.

The tentative release of this discussion is set for Monday July 20th on the M|M University platform and will be free to the entire industry to watch and comment on. A Facebook event will be created as a reminder and the premiere will happen at https://mortgagemagnates.com

“This can not be a ‘members only’ discussion. It is just too important. This discussion will be widely available and free to all to watch and interact with so we can bring the most light to the issues as possible”.

Any questions regarding this release, the panel, or it’s content can be directed to contact@mortgagemagnates.com

Mortgage Magnates is a lifelong learning streaming platform specifically for North American mortgage professionals. Known as “Netflix” for the industry, M|M University’s mission is mortgage professional education in business development, marketing, business building strategies and business management skills, taught entirely by successful mortgage professionals across North America as well as world renowned speakers and success leaders. You can visit Mortgage Magnates to learn more by clicking here

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