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Mortgage Professionals: Where Do You Get Your Lifelong Learning From?

It’s happening. Whether you like it or not. Change. Let’s face it, it already has.

Whether it be the pandemic, social unrest, new technologies cropping up faster than a speeding train or competing with the big banks, we as an industry have been thrust into forced change. But change is good, and we needed it.

When I founded Mortgage Magnates in its current iteration, the biggest thing I heard from mortgage professionals was: “We’re alone, it’s a lonely business”.

That was pre-pandemic, and it got seemingly lonelier from there as the world shut down and the pandemic hit. On top of all of this, new mortgage professionals were left to their own devices to toil away and struggle to launch a business they had no idea at the start would be pummelled by the COVID meteor.

Broker owners also said “we have no time to train our people and to do our own business at the same time, we need a solution”. Out of that, Mortgage Magnates was born. Thus began change in training, followed by change in everything else.

Don’t get me wrong, we didn’t invent training in mortgage sales, marketing, business development and management in the industry. There are other options. We love and embrace them all, and you should explore all lifelong learning options. After all, if we are to boost the industry’s market share to new heights, we must keep learning and we must keep growing for our clients.

Many training options however, generally include one voice in large city centres, as well as non-industry sales gurus preying on new mortgage professionals, promising hundreds of leads for less than affordable prices, especially for new pro’s that have started out with limited income.

So we set out to change all of that. The M|M University platform is filled with hours of content from multiple mortgage professionals (yep you read that right, no non mortgage sales gurus) across North America, as well as top keynote speakers and success coaches like Jack Canfield, sharing their ideas and best practices that made them ultra successful, all in a Netflix style format at a Netflix style price point.

In our lifelong learning research, time and again we have come across one fact: If you are learning and basing your business strategy off of one voice, you are setting yourself up for mediocre success. But if you commit to learning from multiple voices, personalities and strategies whether in Mobile Indiana, Halifax Nova Scotia, Seattle Washington or Winnipeg Manitoba, you are setting yourself up to join the elite of the industry.

Why is this the case?

The answer lies in what you are looking to learn. For example, if I am a mortgage pro in a small Michigan town, looking to generate more leads in my market, and a Canadian mortgage pro in Sudbury Ontario has figured out a great strategy for small town lead generation, why would you not want to learn from them rather than someone successful in Vancouver, BC? They are totally different markets, with totally different clientele. That is why we built this model at M|M. Learn from everyone, especially like minded individuals in markets and situations just like yours.

We also knew we had to embrace technologies you already know, to make it easy and quick to use. Some might say, “well I don’t have time to watch videos”. We anticipated that and embraced “burst training”.

All of the video segments come in “bursts” of no more than 20-30 minutes in length and, like Netflix can be viewed anywhere, on any device. That means you could be sitting in a tough clients driveway watching a quick video on overcoming objections and minutes later be using what you learned at their kitchen table and get the deal done. That’s Mortgage Magnates. Brokers helping brokers, in real time.

Still feel alone? Still think you can’t train your pro’s you hired? Didn’t think so. We’re here and we are ready to help build success at a very low cost. It’s our entire mandate.

No more spending $900 on a three day course you will forget most of. Instead, spend what you would pay for Netflix, for new content every single month, and if you forget something? Watch it again, and again. You have unlimited access.

Oh and before you ask, no, there’s no catch. No contract. If we aren’t doing it for you, cancel anytime.

To close, we are so grateful for the popularity M|M University has already garnered and are especially grateful to our hundreds of members, grateful to Mortgage Professionals Canada and the National Association of Mortgage Brokers for partnering with us in the US and Canada (members of those associations save 25% off every month), to our industry partners and all of the new relationships we have developed.

To sign up for Mortgage Magnates, click here and start a lifelong learning journey that will elevate you to new success.

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