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Mortgage Magnates Partners with NAMB to Exponentially Expand Mortgage Professional Success Across North America

August 6th, 2020 – 12:30pm EDT

Toronto, ON and Washington, DC

Mortgage Magnates Ltd and the National Association of Mortgage Brokers are thrilled to announce they have entered into a partnership to bring the M|M University platform to more American Mortgage Professionals.

As a result of this partnership National Association of Mortgage Brokers (NAMB) members save 25% on a monthly M|M University membership for as long as they are an NAMB member.

Mortgage Magnates and M|M University are a Netflix style platform dedicated to bringing world class lifelong learning to North American Mortgage Professionals. For less than the cost of Netflix, members get unlimited videos from top Mortgage Professionals who share exactly what makes them successful in sales, marketing, business development and business management, so as an industry we can elevate each other to top market share across the continent.

“The biggest thing we heard from mortgage professionals when we began was their frustrations with sales gurus who have never sold a mortgage, or stopped selling them years ago, offering lead packages and three day $900 courses with little benefit in the long run to their businesses” says Mortgage Magnates CEO Chris Baker.

“We are changing all of this with M|M University. Now Brokers and other mortgage professionals are learning from each other and not just in the US and not just in Canada, but together, across North America. It’s essentially all for one, and one for all; to dominate the mortgage space as an industry. The key is, members are not simply learning from just one voice from a large market, but all of the voices from markets everywhere, large and small. It truly is about brokers helping brokers” says Baker.

By giving NAMB members access to the platform at just $10.50 per month, they are getting unlimited use of the platform and it’s hours of content, unlimited viewing of new videos and additional content and tools, which are added every month so there is always something new to learn from someone new, experiencing success.

Membership also entails unlimited use of the M|M Campus internal social network to interact with mortgage professionals across North America, and much more, including sales tools, personal coaching and exclusive partner discounts.

In addition, to get started, NAMB members can try M|M University for two months at just $1.99 per month. As is always the case at M|M, members are not committed to any kind of contract and can cancel anytime.

“NAMB is excited about entering into a partnership with Mortgage Magnates in order to offer our members the opportunity to access the vast library of training sessions offered as well as the knowledge and information provided by their wide array of speakers”, stated NAMB President Rocke Andrews.

“We are absolutely thrilled to work with the Rocke Andrews and the NAMB team and are so grateful for their belief in our mandate to bring the mortgage professional industry together to elevate everyone’s success across North America” says Baker.

NAMB members can take advantage of their discount now here.

Mortgage Magnates Ltd. has already formed a similar partnership with Mortgage Professionals Canada in Canada, bringing the opportunity for lifelong learning in both countries together to grow the skills, and success of every mortgage professional, no matter the brand in both countries.

More information on this or any other release can be obtained via email or phone at 1-800-975-6370 or contact@mortgagemagnates.com

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