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Mortgage Magnates Announces Major Initiative to Give Back to Industry

Toronto, Canada

***For Immediate Release***

January 11, 2021

Today, Mortgage Magnates has come to the table with a brand new initiative that could only have been achieved by working with incredible partners in mortgage professional education, including lenders, insurers, appraisers and more.

Mortgage Magnates is pleased to announce the M|M University platform will be FREE to access for all mortgage professionals for the entirety of 2021! Following this year the fee structure will be changed from $13.99 per month to just $1.99 per month beginning January 2022.

“Our motto is simply put, BHB, or Brokers. Helping. Brokers. We have a promise and commitment to upholding that directive” says Mortgage Magnates President and CEO Chris Baker. “2020 was a lucrative year for many mortgage professionals, but that didn’t encompass everyone and many newer mortgage professionals struggled to gain footing in a very strange year and some veteran mortgage pros struggled too. We want to help level the playing field by giving everyone complete access to our entire content library including our app, and monthly new content at no cost this year, and extremely low cost following that. This could not have been achieved without our incredible industry partners” says Baker.

The process is simple for new members, simply download the app or visit mortgagemagnates.com to register for your free year and begin your learning.

“Existing members will be taken care of as well” says Executive Vice President and COO Dave Tanner. “We will be halting payments for our loyal members as of January 11th and crediting them with 12 free months. When they return to payment in 2022, they will see their monthly membership fee drop to $1.99” says Tanner.

Mortgage Magnates is a lifelong learning and streaming service for mortgage professionals. The first of its kind, M|M University does away with the old learning management system style and instead adopts a model similar to the most popular streaming services. This makes it quick and easy to use, learn new skills and business building ideas and be out in the field learning what you were taught immediately. All videos are topic specific, taught by top North American mortgage professionals and they rarely exceed 20 minutes in length by design. “Burst Learning” allows members to learn and then ‘do’ very quickly, without having to attend expensive 3 day courses led by sales gurus. M|M University is also a social platform, allowing members to interact with each other, form mastermind groups, connect and so much more.

“The model is fresh, the content is always relevant and now, it doesn’t cost a thing for mortgage professionals to become members for this year” says Baker. “We can’t wait to show you what’s next”.

To take advantage of Mortgage Magnates new offer or to learn more about M|M University and the Brokers. Helping. Brokers. movement, visit mortgagemagnates.com. You can also listen to the BHB Podcast featuring Chris Baker and Dave Tanner every week on M|M University, Facebook, YouTube or your favourite podcast platform.

To sign up and take advantage click here

Questions related to this announcement can be directed to contact@mortgagemagnates.com or by calling 1-800-975-6370.

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