Which Situation Best Describes Your Interest in Mortgage Magnates?

We use Stripe to handle all of our Subscriptions and accept all major credit and Visa or Mastercard Debit cards as well as Apple and Google Pay
We do this all the time! We prefer to discuss our retail pricing bands (more than 30 users) with you to assess your needs. Our retail bands allow your team access to all M|M content but also allow you to host all of your own videos privately for your team, right here on M|M University. Please email contact@mortgagemagnates.com to set up a demo and discussion.
Of course! There is no obligation to stay, although we would hate to see you go and leave all of this lifelong learning behind you! Just a reminder that after your 30 day money back guarantee, if you cancel, the cancellation will be effective at the end of your one year term.
Every single month! Sometimes as often as each week. There is always something new to learn and if another mortgage pro is experiencing success we go and put them on camera to tell you exactly how they do it!
Absolutely not! We hear you on the need to stay away from that. We only add brokers and other mortgage professionals on film. This way you know that the items you are learning and steps you learn to take are actually being used with tremendous success within our industry by actual mortgage pros.
Yes! Speak to your broker owner, brokerage house or network to ask them to provide Mortgage Magnates as a resource for your entire team. Our pricing is tiered based on number of licenses. The more you need, the less you pay!
Click the Chat button to the right or send us an email at contact@mortgagemagnates.com
Your pricing plan is “grandfathered” in and no effort is required on your part. If you need to cancel though, please contact us at contact@mortgagemagnates.com or hit the chat button. One click cancellation is not yet available in 5.0 for legacy users.