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News and Notes

Latest news from Mortgage Magnates

Mortgage Magnates Announces Major Initiative to Give Back to Industry

Mortgage Magnates announces it will move to a no fee service for 2021 thanks to its incredible industry partners.

Mortgage Magnates to Provide World Class Recruiting Resources in New Partnership with Rekroot

Mortgage Magnates is bringing world class training to the industry’s recruiters to again add even more value to having M|M University in your training tool belt.

Mortgage Magnates Announces the Appointment of Dave Tanner as Executive Vice President and COO

Today, Mortgage Magnates Ltd. is proud to announce the appointment of Dave Tanner as Executive Vice President and COO

Mortgage Magnates Announces iPhone and Android Apps Coming September

Today, Mortgage Magnates is proud to announce the upcoming release of it’s brand new Apple and Android Apps

Mortgage Magnates Partners with NAMB to Exponentially Expand Mortgage Professional Success Across North America

Mortgage Magnates Ltd. and NAMB have joined forces to exponentially expand mortgage professional lifelong learning across North America

Mortgage Professionals: Where Do You Get Your Lifelong Learning From?

Lifelong learning is an essential part of any successful mortgage professional. Where do you get your lifelong learning from?

Mortgage Magnates to Host Panel on Race within the Mortgage Professional Industry

Mortgage Magnates announced today, a panel discussion will be held this week on race and diversity within the mortgage professional industry.

Mortgage Professionals: You’re Busy but Your Client is Hurting

It may be just as busy, in fact it could be busier than ever before. But the reasons for and the way clients expect to do business has drastically changed. You need to be there for them.

Mortgage Professionals: The Modern Secret to Lead Generation you had Better Perfect Now

Lead generation strategies are often way over complicated by sales gurus, 3 day courses and hours long Zoom calls. But guess what? It’s simple.

Mortgage Professionals: Emotion and Devotion are Coming so Learn to Stop Selling Rate

Become a leading provider of something more meaningful and significant to your clients and contribute to the positive future of the mortgage industry.

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