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News and Notes

Latest news from Mortgage Magnates

Mortgage Professionals: You’re Busy but Your Client is Hurting

It may be just as busy, in fact it could be busier than ever before. But the reasons for and the way clients expect to do business has drastically changed. You need to be there for them.

Mortgage Professionals: The Modern Secret to Lead Generation you had Better Perfect Now

Lead generation strategies are often way over complicated by sales gurus, 3 day courses and hours long Zoom calls. But guess what? It’s simple.

Mortgage Professionals: Emotion and Devotion are Coming so Learn to Stop Selling Rate

Become a leading provider of something more meaningful and significant to your clients and contribute to the positive future of the mortgage industry.

Mortgage Professionals: Here’s What we all Mean by Get Ready to Pivot

You keep hearing it, but how do you actually pivot your mortgage business in these uncertain times? We’ve got some answers

Mortgage Professionals: Your Sea of Insurer Update Posts is Nauseating – Try this!

Are you part of the herd of boring news posts about regulator changes? Guess what…clients don’t care. Here is what they do care about.

Mortgage Professionals: Time to Show What You’ve Got

Success is a choice you can’t afford to ignore. Now more than ever, this is your time as a mortgage professional to create your future.

Breaking News: Newer Mortgage Agents Will Be Ok

We are in strange times, with negative and strange opinions about the industry’s future. But guess what mortgage professionals, it’s going to be ok

Mortgage Magnates: Concern During Crisis for New Mortgage Agents is Very Real

During this unprecedented time in history, tenured Mortgage Brokers work on refinances, payment deferrals, and servicing big books of clients. But new agents sit at home wondering, what do I do now?

You’re a Parent, A Mortgage Broker, Working from Home…Oh and You’re Doing Just Fine

Well we have arrived. This is no longer an extended spring break. The kids starting to show signs of cracking…the dog has less fur, the windows are now foggy with hand prints, the pee on the toilet seat is starting to get to you and the worry is setting in that your kids educational existence as we know it is about to collapse.

Fact: You’re doing just fine and so are they.

Don’t Believe in Lifelong Learning Yet? You are Being Schooled Right Now

Circumstance is only born from the refusal to always be learning. But if life comes as a result of gratitude, positivity and learning, then it is no longer circumstance but instead a destination of your creation.

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