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News and Notes

Latest news from Mortgage Magnates

Mortgage Brokers: Be in the Business of People – 8 Ways to Do That

Brokers across Canada share some of the amazing ways they are engaging clients without one word about the Corona Virus

Mortgage Brokers: Stop and Take a Breather

Let’s stop talking refinances and deferrals for a second…how are you?

Ignored Lifelong Learning? There is no Greater Time than Now to Start

You cannot achieve the pinnacle of you without lifelong learning because the pinnacle of you is forever changing

Mortgage Magnates Launches Exclusive Social Network for Mortgage Brokers

Mortgage Magnates is proud to announce the launch of M|M Campus, an exclusive social media platform for Mortgage Brokers

Why the MPC Television Campaign is a Turning Point for Mortgage Brokers

We take an in depth look at why you should use a mortgage broker and how the new MPC commercial opens up that conversation

Mortgage Magnates is Proud to Partner with Mortgage Professionals Canada

Mortgage Magnates and Mortgage Professionals Canada partner to
further revolutionize mortgage broker education.

Mortgage Broker Learning: The Game has Changed

With the advent of Streaming technology Mortgage Magnates endeavours to change the game.

Mortgage Broker to the Rescue When my Bank Abandoned Me

When the bank bailed at the last second, a mortgage broker stepped in to save the day. Here’s how it all went down.

The Real Reason to Use a Mortgage Broker

These clients weren’t understanding the value a broker brought to the table, even after their bank let them down. What their broker did next, made them rethink everything.

Mortgage Magnates and 100 Brokers Who Care Partner to Give Back

We are proud to announce our partnership with 100 Brokers Who Care to give back to the mortgage broker community and beyond

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