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Becoming a Partner of Mortgage Magnates is Easy and Comes with incredible ROI

Exposure to Thousands of North American Mortgage Professionals

Lower Cost and More Targeted Than Typical Social Media Advertising

Multiple Options Including Page, Video, Podcast, Social Media, Even Hosting of Your Broker Facing Content

Light Visibility

  • Appear in our home page sponsor banner
  • Quarterly ad on Mortgage Magnates the Podcast
  • Quarterly Social Media Promotion on all Feeds
$300 per Month

Medium Visibility

  • Appear in Our Home Page Sponsor Banner
  • Monthly Ad on Mortgage Magnates the Podcast
  • Monthly Social Media Promotion on All Feeds
  • Quarterly Push Notification on Our Apple and Android Apps
$550 Per Month

High Visibility

  • Same as Medium, Plus…
  • Monthly Push Notifications on Our Apple and Android Apps
  • One Video Sponsorship, including full production and design of video snippet
  • One Sponsored Mastermind Group
$750 Per Month

Extreme Visibility

  • Same as High, Plus…
  • Up to 3 Sponsored Videos with full Production and Design of Video Intro Snippet
  • One Sponsored Mastermind Group and Up to Two Monthly Sponsored Posts in the M|M Campus Social Feed
$999 Per Month

Our Quick Sign Up Plans Above Are Pay as You Go. No Contract to Sign. Cancel Anytime.

Longer Terms at Discount Prices are Available by contacting Dave Tanner Directly Below

Have Questions? Want to Discuss Further?

Please contact our Executive Vice President and COO

Dave Tanner

Email: Dave.Tanner@mortgagemagnates.com

Or Call

1-800-975-6370 Ext. 700

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