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We Transform Independent Mortgage Professionals Into The Industry's Most Valuable Resource

Get in on the “Brokers. Helping. Brokers.” revolution. The industry is buzzing about Mortgage Magnates and the difference we are making in the productivity and success of mortgage professionals everywhere. 

Now, industry partners can get involved and partner with us to promote your brand, your services, your promos, product knowledge and so much more and have your offer in front of thousands of mortgage professionals 24/7! 

Best of all, we believe in shaking the cage of all that is normal in the industry and that includes how we partner with our industry friends.  That’s because we are the only partnership opportunity that now offers you “pay what you want” pricing! Let’s get revolutionizing the industry together…

How it works

Pick your advertising opportunities. Fill out the form. Name your own Price. Send it in. 

We review, approve or counter offer. then we get your name out there in less than 24 hours. 

Simple, easy and the absolute best way to reach thousands on a budget that’s finally fair! No more expensive cost per click pricing, social campaigns that don’t convert or sponsorships that never reach the market they were intended for.

How We Can Promote You

Video Sponsorship

We do it all for you! Our platform is filled with learning content accessed by mortgage pros every day! Many videos are accessed multiple times! Now you can be seen the moment they start the video as a "Proud Partner in Mortgage Professional Education".

We create it, we get your approval. You choose the video to sponsor. Mortgage Professionals start seeing you everywhere.

Push Notifications

Mortgage Magnates is now on iOS and Android.

Phone, Tablet, Desktop or Boardroom Screen, we're always on.

Each of our apps allows for push notifications which you can take advantage of. Got something new to offer your mortgage pro partners. We'll push it out to our users. 90% of M|M users access all of our content on their apps.

Like the video sponsorship, this option has extremely high visibility.

Across Our Socials

Mortgage Magnates is all over social media! You could be a part of our ever growing reach...

Whether Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter, we're there and we're always in on the conversation.

Now we can promote you across all of our platforms!

On Our Homepage, Banners and Promo Material

You know what they say? "Out of sight, our of mind".

Not anymore when you partner with Mortgage Magnates!

Your logo can appear on our home page, banners and promo items all at a price you choose! Get in front of thousands of mortgage professionals by being where we are.

Trust us, we try to be everywhere!

Feature Yourself on Our Podcast

Our Podcast is Free and available to all mortgage professionals across the continent and around the world!

An interview and product feature on our podcast will put you in front of listeners on popular platforms like Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcast, Overcast and More!

We'll host Your Content

Want to train mortgage professionals on what you do, your solutions, your products, how to use your technology or how and when to interact with support teams?

Host it with us and reach across the industry!

We'll even send your our film crews to shoot and edit it for you!

Did We Mention Pay What You Want?

Maybe you only need to reach one region. Maybe you have slower times of the year and need the flexibility to reduce and increase what you pay based on volume. Maybe, you are just sick and tired of dumping your budget and not getting the ROI you were hoping for. 

Well, let’s change the narrative together!

We let you set your own pricing, the geographical reach, your budget, Your Terms, variable times in your business Revenue, etc. 

Pick one or two of the items above, or take them all! You set the terms and the price in your initial offer and send to our exec team through a simple form (Link Below). If it makes sense to us, we approve and get you going within hours! No catch, no long drawn out corporate agreements. Pay what you want, on your terms.

Ready to Get this Partnership Started? Click the Link Below to Fill Out Your Own Expression of Interest

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